GCCP will always hold a special place in my heart. I am certain that my girls easy transition to Kindergarten was in large part due to social skills gained through creative learning and play and the incredible support they received in a positive environment at GCCP from the dedicated and caring teachers. I highly recommend GCCP to anyone looking for a great preschool.
Both our boys attended GCCP and we loved every second of it. It really is such a great program that encourages children to inquire, learn and start the process of following routines. My boys loved the chance to foster some independence and seamlessly integrated into kindergarten. We were sad to move on after 4 years but we still very much feel part of the GCCP family.
Vanessa Fuller
This is the second year my daughter is attending and am more than confident that she is ready to take JK by storm next year...am thankful for the support and caring kindness of the teachers. They really love the children and believe in positive reinforcement which is in my opinion how it should be...recommend this preschool to everyone looking to enroll their child:)
Glen Cairn Cooperative Preschool is such a hidden Gem in our community. Both of my children went there and LOVED it, not only is it a school it is a small extension of our family. My son went to the school for 1 year and transitioned beautifully into full day 4 year old kindergarten I am so happy that the only tears were mine!