Jane Parry
I am currently the supervisor of GCCP and have been part of the dynamic teaching team since 1995. I bring laughter and humour to early childhood education through play. My extensive experience with children and families allows me to gracefully and professionally meet the needs of each individual. I have worked closely with Speech Pathologists in social group settings, and bring those skills to the program. I offer a warm welcome to everyone into our preschool.
Shelley Bourgeois
As a devoted educator of the GCCP since 2000, my gentle nature invites each child to blossom into their own potential as a unique individual. I am a mother of an autistic son, and I generously share my professional and personal knowledge about the importance of social and language development in every child. I enjoy creating a fun and inclusive learning experience for every child and their family.
Kim Joynt
As a caring educator I have been contributing to the growth and development of young children at GCCP since 2008. I am knowledgeable in basic sign language, the use of PICs and visual schedules and many other techniques that allow me to be positively effective in an inclusive learning environment which benefit children and their families. As a passionate teacher, I enjoy bringing out the potential of each child through a mutual love for play and friendship.